The Cutest and most badass meme in crypto!

BabyDogeZilla is a deflationary token designed to become more scarce over time.

All holders of BabyDogeZilla will earn more BabyDogeZilla by simply holding BabyDogeZilla coins in your wallet!

Real Meme Token

Real community-owned token, with LP locked and exclusive burn mechanism.

Upcoming NFT collection

Original NFT collection themed after Baby Doge Zilla with marketplace connection.

NFT Gallery dApp

After the NFT drop, you can use our dApp to view the NFT collection and show the art to others.



45% alocation for manual burns. Total tokens burned increase over time. $BabyDogeZilla is deflationary, where 1% of coins are burned with every transaction.

LP Burned & Audited

BabyDogeZilla V2 LP will be initialy locked for 7 days, then again 10 years, have contract fully audited by TechRate!

Community driven

Project is fully community-driven. Decisions are mostly made by the community.


Beyond a meme coin and collectively given ourselves an amazing use case with planned utilities; Staking platform, Dashboard DAPP, launchpad, Doge King casino games, BDZ NFT, Migrator APP,


All holders will earn more BabyDogeZilla just from keeping the tokens in their wallets.

BabyDogeZilla is a deflationary token so as it becomes more scarce, then the BabyDogeZilla in your wallets will become more valuable!

!!Up Only With Baby Doge Zilla!!

Migration on BDZ V2 is allowed only for holders who didn`t sold and have more then 2 USD in V1 contract please check your balance here Trust wallet users see ridiculouse amounts in USD, because coinmarketcap mixed V1 with V2 total supply and Trust wallet is pulling data from CMC.

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